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The Academy of Diagnostics and Laboratory Medicine, is the home of scientifically engaged and distinguished laboratory experts who provide the leadership and research to move the profession forward to provide better health for patients worldwide. Academy members’ expertise across all areas of lab medicine shapes science in the field, driving innovative solutions for patient care and creating the tools to bring greater visibility to the value of laboratory medicine. ADLM consults the Academy for input whenever topic-area experts are needed; for example, when practice guidelines are developed or reviewed, for committee appointments, and for a variety of other issues.

Fellowship in the Academy is open to ADLM members who are doctoral-level clinical scientists and meet the Academy membership criteria. The category of Associate Fellow is for doctoral level ADLM professional members and have at least 2 years of postdoctoral experience in laboratory medicine and meet at least one of the three optional criteria described above. Associate fellows are eligible to apply for full fellowship once they meet the above criteria.


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